Thursday, January 27, 2005

HB 1335 hearing Monday 1/31 1:30 pm

[ACTION alert]

HB 1335 (allowing charter cities to choose their own election system) will have its hearing this coming Monday, January 31, at 1:30 pm, in House Hearing Room E of the John L. O'Brien Building on the Capitol Campus in Olympia. See campus map at

It's important that whoever can make it come to the hearing. Given that we'll probably be allowed only 20 minutes of testimony, only organizational representatives will likely be allowed to speak. But the legislators do count bodies.

If you can come down Monday, it is also an ideal time to meet with your senator (regarding SB 5326, the companion bill to HB 1335) and representatives (regarding HB 1335). Their contact info can be found at

Thanks for all the emails and phone calls over the past three weeks! We have the legislature's attention, and a lot of momentum behind these bills. Let's take the next step Monday, and get HB 1335 moved along quickly.

Brent White
Legislative Coordinator

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Lobby for HB 1335 & SB 5326

[ACTION alert]

IRVWA recommends you begin to lobby your legislators and senator to adopt ...

HB 1335 -

SB 5326 -

House Bill 1335 : Introduced by Rep. Hans Dunshee on January 20, 2005, to provide home rule charter cities the ability to choose their election system. See companion SB 5326.

If these two companion bills are passed, and become law, Vancouver, WA will have authority to implement IRV elections for the city which was approved at an earlier election in Vancouver. Other cities may also then adopt IRV elections, if they choose to do so.

Please find your Senators at this list

Find your Legislators at this list

Email or write your representatives to get these bills approved in committee, then approved in the Legislature and Senate.

Final list of sponsors


From: Brent White
Date: Thu Jan 20, 2005 11:46 pm
Subject: Final list of sponsors

Hi folks,

Thanks to the hundreds of calls to Olympia y'all made the past two days, the sponsorhip lists on HB 1335 and SB 5326 grew a little.

The final list of sponsors for HB 1335 is:
Toby Nixon
Al O'Brien
Fred Jarrett
Geoff Simpson
Jim Moeller
Bill Fromhold
Timm Ormsby
Maralyn Chase
Sherry Appleton
Dawn Morrell
Judy Clibborn
Ruth Kagi
Lynn Kessler
Tami Green
Jeff Morris
Bob Hasegawa
Jim Dunn
Shay Schual-Berke
Phyllis Kenney
Alex Wood
Mary Lou Dickerson
Joe McDermott

That's 23 altogether! Great job! If one or both of your representatives is listed here, they would certainly be delighted to receive notes of thanks.Their email addresses are listed at

HB 1335 has been referred to the House Local Government Committee, where Chairman Geoff Simpson will decide whether and when to give it a hearing. The fact that Rep. Simpson is a co-sponsor is obviously a good sign. He, too, deserves some notes of thanks, especially from those in the south KingCounty area, as well as those of you in Vancouver, with an expressed hope that the bill will get a speedy hearing.

The final list of sponsors for SB 5326 is:
Craig Pridemore
Luke Esser
Adam Kline
Brian Weinstein
Erik Poulsen
Bill Finkbeiner
Rosemary McAuliffe
Karen Keiser
Harriet Spanel

That makes 10 sponsors on the senate bill. Not shabby at all. Again, notes of thanks to your senator (if she or he signed on) are good. Email addresses are at

SB 5326 has been referred to the Senate Government Operations and Elections Committee, chaired by Jim Kastama. If you live in the Pierce County area (or Vancouver), it is time to start emailing Sen. Kastama, thank him for his past support for IRV, and asking him to give SB 5326 a speedy hearing.

Thanks everyone! -- especially phone bankers Taryn Gearhart, Nikki Monacelli, Jody Haug, Tom Mull, Paul McClintock, and Maynard Eyestone.

Cheers, Brent White
Legislative Coordinator, IRV-WA